• Legal Support & Protection Services

    Licensed * Insured * Bonded * Armed * Experienced * Trusted

    Legal Support & Protection Services
  • Easy Web Based Ordering of our suite of products

    Process Serving * Mobile Notary * Funeral Procession Escorts

    Vehicle Repossession Spotting * Trauma Scene Clean-Up

    1st Call Mortuary Transportation

    Easy Web Based Ordering of our suite of products
  • You’ve Been Served

    1st serve attempt made in 3 days or sooner & 4 consecutive serve attempts made over next 4 to 8 days.
    GPS photo tagging, video or audio of each attempted & actual serve.

    You’ve Been Served
  • Signature Services

    We will dispatch a Notary Public to your location

    Signature Services
  • Funeral Procession Escort

    A Beacon of Light to Guide You Home

    Funeral Procession Escort
  • Vehicle Repossession Spotting

    Vehicle Repo Spotting Using License Plate Camera Readers

    Vehicle Repossession Spotting
  • Crime Scene / BioChem Clean Up

    Certified Technicians Dispatched 24/7

    Crime Scene / BioChem Clean Up
  • 1st Call

    1st Call Body Removal

    24/7 Mortuary Transportation

    1st Call
  • Award Winning Customer Service

    Our promise, peace of mind after ordering

    Award Winning Customer Service
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Process Service


Notary Public


Funeral Procession Escort


Vehicle Repossession Spotting


Crime Scene / BioChem Clean Up


1st Call Transport